We help organisations to succeed and sustain that success through building stronger relationships. We do this by promoting cooperation in the workplace.

CoSolve provides organisational coaching, advice, training, mediation and facilitation assistance to get sound outcomes. Key engagement areas –

  • Workplace change
  • Enterprise bargaining
  • Issues resolution
  • Other workplace challenges and goals
Anna Booth, Clive Thompson, CoSolve


We typically work in a multi-stakeholder environment, bringing a firmly independent perspective to help the parties address the challenges ahead of them.

We work in an independent capacity, building support from the key stakeholders: generally management, employees and unions. We also work with parties outside of workplace settings, helping them to manage change and deal with issues constructively.


We are well-qualified, professional intermediaries. We know a lot about negotiation, consultation and problem-solving processes, and about the legal and institutional contexts governing the workplace.

We are expert at establishing and support collaborative processes, but also have deep experience in difficult and challenging workplace cultures.


We have a bank of many years of experience. We have worked with many parties in many settings. There is little we have not seen before, and we have a good idea which angles are likely to produce the best results.